How It Works

Liquidation Pallets For Sale Near Me

  • We at Pallet Sale Outlet make it easy for anyone to order bulk merchandise.
  • We do not require customers to register with our company.
  • You do not need a Tax ID or Business License to order from us.
  • Ordering is simple and can be done either online or by phone.
  • Simply browse our site and add the pallet or truckload to your cart, and checkout.
  • We accept All Payment Methods  for All Purchases.
  • Our goal is to establish a long term business relationship, especially with first time customers, we want to do everything we can to impress you so you are confident to keep ordering from us.
  • We also do not want to jeopardize our contracts with the Major Department Stores.
  • If you still need any help ordering or wish to learn more about our operations, feel free to contact us at any time.

Shipping Policy

Some of the options we currently provide are pickups and world wide shipping. We deliver to businesses and homes.

For all orders made on the online or on the phone same day Delivery or shipping is available.

Here at liquidation palletz we are always working on ways to make our customers happy by providing convenience as much as possible


Return & Exchange Policy

As we mentioned on our main page most of the products we sell are overstock and returned items also all of our products are sold in bulk mainly for resellers. we accept a two weeks return after successful purchase. Incase of damages during delivery, pallets can be returned or refunded.